Why Bail Out Your Loved One?

Sep 3, 2013 | Bail Bonds, Family | 0 comments

Getting woken up by that “one phone call” from your loved one in the middle of the night may leave you confused or frustrated. That irritation may even leave you considering the thought of leaving them in the jailhouse to teach them a lesson. However, before making a rash decision, think about why you may want to reconsider.
One of the most frequently asked questions when a situation such as this arises is “What is bail?”. Bail offers individuals who have been arrested for a crime the opportunity to be temporarily released while waiting for their scheduled court date(s). Sometimes it can take several weeks or months between the time a person has been arrested and their court date to take place. Bail allows the defendant to return home during this time so they can continue to go about their normal life. This way the defendant doesn’t miss out on long periods of work, school, etc. They can remain caught up with their daily lives while their trial is pending instead of falling behind or risking increased financial hardship.
The easiest way to go about posting bail in southern California is through a San Bernardino bail bondsman. Remedy bail bonds offers free southern California bail bond information 24/7 via phone or web. They offer fast and easy bail bonds provided by professional bail bondsmen. In San Bernardino County, most individuals are released immediately after all paperwork for the bail bond has been completed.
Individuals who are not bailed out of jail will remain in a jail cell from the time they are arrested until their trial takes place. This could mean months or even years separated from their family. At Remedy Bail Bonds we are in the business of ‘Bringing Families Together’. Call us today to find out how 1-800-Bail-Me-Out. Agents are standing by and ready to help.

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