Why are Some People Denied Bail?

Being arrested can be a traumatizing experience and the thought of remaining in jail until your court appearance can be horrific. Often, though, there is a way to avoid this fate. When you are accused of a crime, you will typically be brought before a judge for a bail hearing; if you pay the set bail amount, you can get out of jail and go back home to be with your family.
It is important to note that not everyone is granted bail. Indeed, simply getting a bail hearing does not guarantee that bail will be set. Most people do get bail set, but a few will not—and it’s important to understand why.
We’ll offer a brief overview here, from our San Bernardino bail bondsman.
Who’s Denied Bail?
It’s ultimately up to the judge to determine who does and does not get bail. In a few rare exceptions, the judge may decide that the accused shouldn’t get jail because there is simply too great a risk that he or she will commit violent acts upon their release; or, that they simply won’t return for their scheduled court appearance.
Some specific reasons why the judge might deny bail, according to our bail bondsman:

  • The accused has a long criminal history, with a lot of previous convictions on his or her records.
  • The severity of the crime is extreme—e.g., violent.
  • The accused has an extremely disruptive and antagonistic attitude at the hearing.
  • The accused has a history of missing court appearances.
  • The officers who are knowledgeable of the case believe the accused is a danger.
  • The accused is perceived to be a flight risk—e.g., unlikely to return for the scheduled court appearance.

In any of these cases, it is possible for the judge to deny bail.
Denied Bail is Rare
With that said, our San Bernardino bail agents say that the majority of those who are arrested will have bail offered to them. And if you do have the option of bail, that means you don’t have to wait in a cell until your day in court—good news!
But what happens if the bail is set at such a high amount, you can’t afford it? That’s where bail bonds come into play. By reaching out to a local bail bond agent, you can get help making bail and getting out to be with your family.
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