When Should You Call A Bail Bonds Service?

Mar 26, 2019 | Bail Bonds | 0 comments

Finding out that a loved one has been arrested is never easy. One of the first steps you should take is calling a local bonding service company. Here’s why:

  • Your bail bondsman can walk you through the process
  • The bonding service company will get the ball rolling on your loved one’s release
  • It’s always best to start sooner rather than later to ensure the fastest release of your loved one.

Good bonding service companies are accessible 24/7, so don’t delay in making that important call!

Finding out that a friend, family member, or loved one has been arrested can be disorienting. It can throw your whole world off kilter. The good news is, there are people who can help you find your way through this dizzying experience—specifically, representatives from a local bail bond company.

But when exactly should you call a Riverside bail bonds service—like Remedy Bail Bonds? Should you make the call as soon as you find out your loved one has been arrested or is it wise to wait? Here’s just a little bit of advice from the experts at our bonding service company.

When to Call a Riverside Bail Bond Company

Generally speaking, it’s best to contact your bail bonding company sooner rather than later. Note that a good bonding service company will be accessible 24/7, eager to help whenever you need it—so don’t hesitate to call, even if it’s in the middle of the night

There are a few reasons for this, and the first is that calling early will help get the ball rolling on your loved one’s release. The job of the bonding service company is to get your loved one out of jail as quickly as possible—but there is paperwork that must be submitted, and sometimes there can be hold-ups at the jail itself. The sooner you call your bail bondsman, the sooner the process can be started, and the quicker your loved one will be released.

Also, note that a bonding service company can help provide clarity throughout the process. You may not know what information to seek regarding your loved one’s sentencing, or how to find out the amount at which bail has been set. An experienced bondsman can walk you through the process.

Additionally, when you call quickly, you can get a good sense of how much you like the bondsman in question—and if you feel you’re working with someone disreputable, you can look elsewhere. For example, if you call a bondsman and they tell you the cost will exceed 10 percent of the total bond amount, that might mean you’re being taken advantage of. You may wish to try another bondsman for a second quote.

The bottom line is just this: When a loved one is arrested, he or she obviously hopes to be freed as soon as possible. You surely want the same thing. The way you start that process is by calling a local bail bondsman right away.

Contact Our 24-HourBail Bonds Company

At Remedy Bail Bonds, we understand the urgency of seeing your loved one released from jail. We always move to expedite the process as much as we can. That’s one of the reasons why Remedy Bail Bonds is a top bonding service company in the Riverside area.

We invite you to call us when you need us—and again: We’re here around the clock!

Don’t delay! Get the wheels in motion to have your loved one released on bail.

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