What to Do When Your Friend is Arrested

Mar 16, 2018 | Bail Bonds | 0 comments

Being arrested is always a scary experience. Sometimes, though, it can be almost as frightening to be with a friend when he or she is arrested. What can you do in this situation? As the police put your friend in handcuffs—assuming you’re not being arrested yourself—what are some things you can do to help?

When Your Friend is Arrested: Tips from Our Riverside Bail Bonds Service

Here are some basic pointers from the experts at our bail bond company. Keep these tips in mind if you’re ever with a friend during an arrest.

  • Be respectful to the police. Even if you believe the arrest to be unjust, there’s nothing you can accomplish by being rude to the arresting officers; don’t call them names, don’t curse, and don’t try to rile up your friend to resist arrest. There’s simply nothing good that can come of it.
  • Ask for the facts. What you can do is ask the police if your friend is formally under arrest. If you believe the police don’t have a reason to arrest your friend, encourage your friend to ask what the charges are; if there are no charges, the police can’t make the arrest.
  • Be calm! According to the experts at our bonding service company, it’s critical to keep your cool at all times—even if you think there’s some kind of a mistake. You may speak up and explain why you think the police have the wrong person, just so long as you keep your composure.
  • Make sure you get the name of the charge. This information might be important later, as you speak with a Riverside bail bond company like Remedy Bail Bonds.
  • Know the jail where your friend is being booked, too. There’s more than one jail in town, and as you make arrangements with your Riverside bail bond company, it’s important that you know the details. The police should be perfectly willing to provide this information, assuming you ask politely!
  • Reach out to a bail bond company. A 24-hour bail bonds company, like Remedy Bail Bonds, is always open to help you get your friend out of jail. It’s best to start this process as soon as you can, as it can sometimes take a little time to process all the paperwork.

Remedy Bail Bonds is a Top Riverside Bail Bonds Company

If you’re looking for someone to help get your friend out of jail, we hope you’ll reach out to Riverside Bail Bonds—a local company with a stalwart reputation for trustworthiness. We’re always available to answer any of your bail bond questions and to provide you with quick, affordable, and effective solutions. Learn more about what our Riverside bail bonds company can do to get your friend out of jail. Reach out to Remedy Bail Bonds today!

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