What Slows Down the Bail Bond Process?

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When you have a loved one who’s in jail, you obviously want to see them get out as quickly as possible. The bail bond process makes this possible, yet even bail bonds can sometimes have their hold-ups. You may become frustrated when your bail bondsman doesn’t get your loved one out of jail quite as expediently as you might like.
In truth, there are a few different things that can hold up the bail bond process—and while not all of them are within your control, a few of them are. Here’s a quick rundown from Remedy’s Orange County bail bonds professionals.
What Causes the Bail Bond Process to Stall?
Not Calling the Fast Bail Bonds Company Soon Enough
We’ll start with something that is in your control. If you’re trying to get a bail bond for your loved one, it’s best to get the wheels in motion as quickly as possible.
The simple reality is that it can take a few hours to get the necessary paperwork processed. Your bail bonds company will work as expediently as they can, but it really comes down to how busy things are at the jail.
As such, it’s best to start the process sooner rather than later, allowing your bail bondsman to get to work right away.
Not Providing Enough Information 
Something else that can cause the process to slow down: Calling your Orange County-affordable bail bonds company, but not having all the necessary information.
If this happens, then your bondsman may have to spend some time digging, figuring out exactly what’s going on—and that can lengthen the process.
To be clear, these are the pieces of information you’ll need to provide your bail bondsman:

  • The name of your friend/loved one
  • The date of birth or age of your friend/loved one
  • The county where he or she is being held
  • The amount at which bail has been set

Again, the more information you can provide, the smoother the process will be.
An Unpredictable Process
Finally, and as we alluded to earlier, the bail bond process really comes down to how ably the jail can handle the paperwork. A bail bond company like Remedy will work hard to get things done in a timely manner, but there’s no way to guarantee anything, just because there are so many variables in play.
Still, you can ensure that the process goes as quickly as can be by calling your bondsman as soon as possible, and by supplying all the necessary information to get the ball rolling.
Fast Bail Bonds in Orange County
And certainly, at Remedy Bail Bonds, we understand that you want your loved one to be released promptly. That’s why we are available 24/7, and ready to help you get your loved one’s bail processed with the utmost efficiency.
Remedy Bail Bonds is a trusted Orange County bail bonds provider. To learn more about our services in the OC, reach out to Remedy Bail Bonds whenever you need our help!

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