What Happens When A Loved One Is Released On Bail?

What happens once your loved one is released from jail on a bail bond? He or she is expected to return to court for a scheduled appearance—and making that appearance is vital! In addition, your loved one may face other restrictions, such as not being allowed to cross state lines. Compliance with these directives helps keep your loved one from facing further criminal charges.

Finding out that a loved one has been arrested is always tough—but take note: He or she doesn’t necessarily have to spend a lot of time in jail. In most cases, the judge will set bail; working with an Orange County bail bonds company, you can pay the bail amount, and your loved one can return home.

What happens next, though? Does your loved one have to return to jail at any time? And what happens if they fail to show up when they’re supposed to? Here’s a quick guide as to what happens after your loved one is released on bail.

What to Know About Being Released on Bail

When someone is released on bail, it’s only until their scheduled court appearance. The judge will let them know the date, time, and location of this appearance, which is when it will be determined whether they are innocent or guilty of the crime in question.

It is crucial for your loved one to make it back to court on time—for a number of reasons. One, not showing up can be a criminal charge unto itself, in addition to other charges. Two, it generally incurs the displeasure of the judge, meaning sentencing is likely to be more severe.

Additionally, failure to show up to court on time means that bounty hunters may be put on the trail—and that’s something you definitely want to avoid! Finally, if you paid the bond premium, that amount will likely be forfeited if your loved one doesn’t return to court as directed. Thus, it’s very much in your best interest to make sure they don’t forget their day in court!

Other Restrictions for Those Out on Bail

Depending on the judge and the nature of the charges, certain restrictions may be placed on the individual who is released on bail. These restrictions will always be made clear before the individual is released. For example, the judge may stipulate that the individual is not to leave town, or not to cross state lines.

Again, failing to comply with these directives can incur further criminal penalties, so it’s important to take them seriously.

Get Out of Jail—and Home to Your Family

With all of that said, getting released on bail is obviously a very desirable thing. Yes, there are some rules to follow, and getting out on bail doesn’t mean your legal issues are behind you. What it does mean is that, in the days leading up to your trial, you actually get to be at home with your family, rather than in a cell.

Orange County bail bond companies like Remedy can make that a reality. Remedy Bail Bonds was founded to help individuals get out of jail as they await trial, ensuring they get to be near to the people they love. We’re open 24/7 and are proud to be one of the top fast bail bonds companies in the OC.

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