What Can (And Can’t) You Do When You’re Out on Bail?

Sep 13, 2017 | Bail Bonds, Courts, Legal, Prison | 0 comments

The great thing about bail is that, rather than stay in jail while you await a trial date, you can go
back home to be with your family—and live your life more or less as normal. Of course, being
out on bail can be accompanied by some questions: What should you be doing, exactly? More
to the point, what shouldn’t you be doing if you want to stay out of trouble?
According to our San Bernardino bondsman, then what should you be doing question is the
easiest to address: Go to your job, spend time with your family, and consult with your attorney,
and go to court. Above all, make sure you don’t do anything to get arrested; and, show up at
court on the appointed date!

Are You Allowed to Leave the Country?

As for what shouldn’t you do, there are a couple of corollaries to the points made above. First,
make sure you check with your bail bondsman before leaving the country.
There’s a simple reason for this. In paying your bail, the bondsman is taking
responsibility—responsibility for you showing up in court at the specified time. The bail
bondsman’s reputation is on the line if you fail to show up, so your bail bond agent will
obviously want to keep tabs on you. Leaving the country without talking to him about it first
can obviously send the wrong message!
Also note that, in some cases, leaving the state or the country will be expressly forbidden by the
court. If that’s the case, then you definitely want to stay put—or else, you could be arrested.

What if You DO Get Arrested Again While Out on Bail?

That brings us to another key point. At the risk of stating the obvious, you shouldn’t do anything
to get arrested while you’re out on bail.
Here’s what our San Bernardino bail agents say: If you get re-arrested, the bond can be
surrendered, and your liability terminated. That’s bad news, because you’ll be surrendering the
premium you paid, and if you want to get out again, you’ll essentially have to post two new
bonds, including two new premiums.

Don’t Be Late for Court, Either!

Finally, one more thing you shouldn’t do when out on bond: Don’t miss your scheduled court
appearance. According to our affordable local bondsman, not showing up for the court is
disastrous—and could actually result in a bounty hunter being sent for you, to say nothing of
other potential legal problems.
The bottom line: Getting out on bond is obviously better than staying in jail, but there are a few
things you should and shouldn’t do. If you ever have any questions, you can always call the
affordable bail bondsman here at Remedy Bail Bonds.
We have proudly served in the San Bernardino area for years, and our passion is helping get
people back home with their families as they await trial. Reach out to us today to learn more!

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