Visiting Someone in Jail: Tips from an Orange County Bail Bonds Company

Visiting a loved one in prison can be a daunting experience. Of course, you want to support them, to see them, to encourage them in any way that you can—but the prison environment itself can be intimidating. In this post, we’ll offer just a few brief guidelines to ensure a pleasant visit, and hopefully, to alleviate any jitters you may have about the process.

Always Be Mindful of the Rules

The most important thing to know: Each jail has a set of rules, and you have to comply—period. It doesn’t matter whether you agree with them or not. The rules are taken very seriously, and no wiggle-room is allotted. If you’re visiting for the first time, call ahead to ask for a copy of the visitation rules, and also to confirm the dates and times when visits are permitted. Sometimes you can find this information online pretty easily, too.

Coordinate Your Visits

Sometimes, there may be a limit on how many visitors each inmate may have on a given day—so you don’t want to show up at the prison on the same day your other family members did, just to be turned away.

Call and Ask About Being on the Visitor List

Having your name on the visitor list can sometimes minimize the hoops you have to jump through, and make your entry to the prison a bit easier; it may even allow you to have a little more time to visit.

Always Bring an ID

You likely will not be allowed in if you cannot show valid photo ID, so whatever you do, don’t leave this behind!

Don’t Bring in Weapons

Obviously, you’re not going to show up with actual weapons—but prison guards will likely search you before you go in, and even a small pocket knife could get you sent back to the parking lot. Avoid bringing in anything that could be construed as a weapon.

Don’t Show Up Late

Don’t show up to visit after visiting hours end—and while we’re at it, don’t show up drunk or high.

Dress Modestly

Guards can and will turn away anyone who is dressed in a revealing or provocative way. Showing too much skin could get you sent home!

Be Prepared to Talk Bail

If your loved one was recently arrested and is awaiting trial, you may be able to help them post bail and get out of jail sooner rather than later. To do this, you’ll want to be ready with the name of a good Orange County-affordable bail bonds company.
Of course, Remedy Bail Bonds can help. We are a reputable bail bonds company working with individuals throughout Orange County. Next time you visit a loved one who still has the option of posting bail, keep us in mind! And with any questions, contact the Remedy team right now.