Tips for Using a San Bernardino Bondsman

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If you or a loved one are arrested, you may need to work with a local San Bernardino bondsman to get out of jail and get home with your family. If you’ve never worked with a bondsman, though, this process may seem a little daunting. Here are our tips for making the bail bonds process as smooth and as streamlined as can be.
Working with a Bail Bondsman
Know how much you need. Before you call an affordable local bondsman, make sure you know the amount at which your bail has been set. The judge will set your bail amount based on the severity of the crime, and also your criminal history. It’s good to know the exact number before you reach out to a bail bonds agent.
Figure out how much the bail bondsman will charge you. Always make sure you ask the bail bonds agent to tell you how much you’ll need to pay. In most cases, it will be no more than 10 percent of the total bail amount. If you’re quoted something higher than this, you may wish to call around to a different bail bond company.
Avoid dirt-cheap bail bonds. You obviously want to find a good deal, but if you come across a bail bondsman who quotes you three to five percent of the total bail amount, well, there may be a reason for that. You don’t want to end up with a bondsman who is inexperienced or disreputable.
Have all the details. Your bail bond agent will obviously want to know the bail amount, but also be prepared to give the charges you’re being held on, as well as the name of the jail where you’re being held. All of this info can help expedite the bail bonds process.
Show up for court on time. Once you’re released on bail, your responsibilities are to remain in town; and, to show up for your court appearance on the scheduled date and time. Missing your court date means you forfeit your bail bond and may incur further legal problems!
Ask questions. Finally, if there is anything you don’t understand about the bail bonds process, don’t hesitate to ask your bondsman. Remember that your bail bond company is there to help you! Often, bail bondsmen can prove incredibly helpful and supportive as you figure out the best way to get out and get home.
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With these tips, you’re ready to find the best San Bernardino bail bondsman—and to have a positive experience with them.
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