Save Lives in San Bernardino This Weekend!

save lives give blood

Blood donations are used every day for surgery patients, cancer patients, accident victims, bone marrow recipients…, burn patients and organ transplant recipients; just to name a few of the beneficiaries.

  • A heart surgery patient needs up to 6 units of red blood cells and 1 platelet transfusion.
  • A liver transplant recipient needs up to 20 units of red blood cells, 25 units of plasma and 2 platelet transfusions.
  • A cancer patient needs up to 8 platelet transfusions per week. Cancer patients account for almost 20 percent of all blood transfusions given.
  • A sickle cell anemia patient needs 2 to 10 units of red blood cells per treatment.
  • A marrow transplant recipient needs up to 20 units of red blood cells and 25 platelet transfusions.
  • A trauma victim may need up to 50 units of red blood cells as well as plasma and platelets.

One in seven people will need a blood transfusion sometime in their lifetime. What can you do to help?

You can help save lives by donating blood!

This Saturday, June 20th 11am-4pm


AMF Arrowhead Lanes

299 W Orange Show Rd.

San Bernardino, California 92408


The biggest blood drive in The Inland Empire!


Remedy Bail Bonds’ 2nd Annual Blood Drive

Show & Shine (click here for more info) 

save lives give blood

This FREE community event is open to the public and there are no entry fees for the car show. All blood donors will receive a free Remedy t-shirt, tacos and a game of bowling right there at AMF Arrowhead Lanes.

Join us a for a day of family fun with great food, live entertainment, vendors and lots of cool tricked out cars, trucks and motorcycles!

See you there!

If you’d like to be a vendor email:  [email protected]