San Bernardino Bondsman Tips: Turning Yourself in to Jail

Nov 20, 2017 | Bail Bonds | 0 comments

Most of the time, if you wind up in jail, it’s because a police officer has arrested you and taken you in. In some cases, though, individuals may actually turn themselves in. This usually happens when it’s discovered that there is an outstanding arrest warrant; turning yourself in can sometimes lead to lighter sentencing, a lower bond, or general favor from the presiding judge.
What should you know about turning yourself into jail, though? And where does the bail bond process come into play? Here are some brief tips and guidelines for our San Bernardino bail bondsman.

When to Turn Yourself In

First of all, if there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest, you will likely be notified by mail or telephone, though it’s also possible to hear the news from friends or family. Knowing that you’re wanted can be really stressful, so turning yourself in just makes sense. This is especially true if you are innocent of the crime you’ve been accused of, or if you are a first-time offender.

Get All the Information

Before turning yourself in, pay attention to the specific details of your arrest warrant. It’s important to know what the charges are; whether or not you’re violating probation (if applicable); and what the bond amount is, assuming it’s been set. Try to find out all of this information before you turn yourself in.

Time it Right

It’s generally recommended that you turn yourself in on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Why? Because over the weekend, there may not be a judge available to hear your case, so you’ll simply end up spending more time in jail, waiting. And on Monday, most police stations are quite busy, dealing with all the arrests made over the weekend.

Dress and Pack Wisely

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes, but try not to look too casual or slovenly. Make a good impression on the people you encounter at the police station! Also, don’t bring a lot of unnecessary items, but do bring money/cards, photo ID, reading glasses, and personal medication.

Consult with a Bail Bonds Company

Before you turn yourself in, establish contact with a local bail bond agent. San Bernardino bail agents will be able to talk you through the process and help ensure that you’re released sooner rather than later. The more you can arrange before you turn yourself in, the better. Also, make sure your friends and family members know your case number and the bail bond company you’re working with.

Get Help from an Affordable Local Bondsman

Whether you’re turning yourself in or have been taken in by the police, Remedy Bail Bonds is on your side. We are a well-established and reputable local bondsman serving San Bernardino and beyond, and our goal is to help individuals get out of jail and back home with their families as they await trial.
Get the help you need from a local bail bond agent. Reach out to Remedy Bail Bonds today.

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