Procedure for bailing someone out Bail Bonds Steps

Bailing an individual out of jail can be a long and at times, a time consuming process. In Los Angeles County, it could take anywhere between six and 24 hours depending on the jailhouse for the booking process alone to be complete.
Once a person has been arrested and booked and the bail amount has been set, the next step is figuring out how the bail amount will be paid.
The first option for posting bail is to go to the jailhouse and pay the entire bail amount in full. This however is not always an option for everyone depending on the financial position of the person posting the bail.
The next option would be to offer up collateral. A form of collateral could include a house or property of equal or greater amount to cover the bail. This is a rather risky option no matter how well you know the defendant. If the individual who was released on bail were to choose to skip their court date or leave the area, you then would face the possibility of losing the home or property.
The third and best option for posting bail is to seek out a bail bondsman. A bail bondsman will provide the jailhouse with the full bail amount for a premium. In San Bernardino county, the bail bond premium is 10% of the total bail. This premium becomes the bail bondsman’s income for providing the full bail amount. While it may be difficult to reach some bail bondsmen at odd hours of the night, at Remedy Bail bonds, you can get in contact with a bail bondsman through the phone or web 24/7.
Once the defendant is released on bail, they will still be required to attend court. After they have been tried, the only money that needed to be paid was the premium given to the bail bondsman. However, if the defendant fails to appear when the judge summons them, the person who posted bail will be financially responsible for the entire bail amount.