Orange County Bail Bonds Company Offers Tips on Getting Out of Jail FAST

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Being arrested can be traumatic. It can be stressful. It can be scary. You want the whole thing to be over as quickly as possible, but how? Believe it or not, there are steps you can take to get out of jail and back home with your family sooner rather than later. It all starts with a proper working knowledge of the bail process.

Understanding the Orange County Bail Bonds Process

Assuming you are a first-time offender, your charges are fairly minor, and you are not deemed a flight risk, the judge will probably allow you to post bail. This will enable you to get out of jail until your court date. It does not guarantee that you will be found innocent or that you won’t end up in jail later, but it is certainly preferable to remain in jail during the time leading up to your trial.
In order for bail to be set, you first have to appear before a judge. The judge will listen to the details of your arrest, then make a decision about how to set bail. In Orange County, bail can be paid in different ways, including with cash or a check.
If bail is set too high, you can hire a bail bond company to help you out, though in most cases you will still need to pay a portion of the bail yourself (10 percent, most likely).

Expediting the Bail Process in Orange County

In addition to knowing a reputable company for bail bonds in Orange County, here are a few additional ways in which you can get out of jail more quickly.
Make sure you reach out to a bail bond company as soon as possible. This process can take a few hours, so the sooner you get the ball rolling, the sooner you can be back home with your loved ones.
Make sure you have the proper information to provide your bail bond company, including the specific charges, the set bail amount, and your inmate number.
Finally, know your rights. You can contact your lawyer at any time if you feel like you are unsafe or that your life is being threatened, though this is unlikely. Also note that you should speak with your attorney if you feel your bail has been set at an unreasonable amount, or that you are being treated unfairly.

Contact Remedy for Help with Bail Bonds in Orange County

The role of the bail bonds company is to help you get out of jail quickly—period. By calling promptly and ensuring you have all the pertinent information, you can work with your Orange County bail bond company to ensure a swift release.
Remedy Bail Bonds is a leading provider of bail bond services in the Orange County area. We are passionate about helping those who’ve been arrested escape their traumatizing circumstances promptly. Learn more by reaching out to us directly.

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