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Remedy Bail Bonds L.A. is a family oriented company that strives on family values. All of our agents are licensed bail bond agents with years of experience and are true believers of extending open arms to listen and understand our client’s needs. We understand that families find themselves in situations that they are not familiar with and not prepared for. We know that sometimes bad things happen to good people.  We are in the business of “Bringing Families Together”.

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At Remedy Bail Bonds Los Angeles honesty is the best policy. We will be sure to answer all your questions thoroughly and honestly. We will ensure that you clearly understand the bail process. Our goal is to educate, guide, and facilitate you through the bail process without any worries. We believe in the right to bail and that all are innocent until proven guilty. We also believe every person has the right to a fair and speedy trial and has the right to be represented by an attorney.

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Remedy Bail Bonds Los Angeles provides affordable bail bonds and flexible payment plans that will help your friend or loved one get out of jail quickly. We also provide payment options to individuals that can’t afford the full premium for posting bail and can tailor specific payment plans to meet your individual needs.

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There are seven jails, or correctional facilities, in LA County, all managed by the Sheriff’s Department Corrections Division, one of the largest jail operations in the state of California and throughout the country. Rules at the jail facilities are strictly enforced to protect visitors, corrections staff and inmates.

We provide Bail Bonds Services for all jails in Los Angeles County including:

  • Century Regional Detention Facility (CRDF)

  • Men’s Central Jail (MCJ)

  • Twin Towers Correctional Facility I and II (TTCF)

  • Lakewood Station

  • San Dimas Station

  • Palmdale Station

  • Norwalk Station

*Information Courtesy of Los Angeles County Sheriff

It is the goal of Remedy Bail Bonds to assist families with Los Angeles Inmate & Visiting information. This webpage is not sponsored by LA County Sheriff Corrections or Jails. If you need to contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff please visit their website. If you need assistance with the Bail Bond process, then please call 213-483-3800 and a licensed Bail Agent will help you.

Using Los Angeles Bail Bonds to Get a Loved One Out of Jail

Having a loved one arrested is difficult for families, especially if the family believes the one arrested to be innocent of the crime they have been accused of. While our justice system is based around the idea of innocent until proven guilty, there is still a period of time between when someone is arrested on suspicion of committing a crime and held in jail while they’re put on trail for the crime.

No one should languish in prison simply because the police believes them to be guilty of committing a crime, and so many people are released after they are indicted for a crime. However, the courts need some assurance that the accused will return for their court date. That’s where bail comes in. Bail is an amount of money charged by the courts that the accused person will get back if they show up on their court date as ordered. It’s usually a lot of money, in order to compel that person to appear.

But lots of people in Los Angeles County don’t have enough liquid assets to post bail. That’s where a bail bonds agent come in. A bail bond is a loan given against the bail amount ordered by the court. The bail bondsman puts up what usually amounts to a large percentage of the bail, in exchange for collateral and assurances from someone outside of prison. When the accused person shows up to court and has their bail refunded, the bail bondsman collects it from them and releases the collateral, minus a fee to cover the costs of making the original loan.

Bail bonds are available from many agencies in Los Angeles. Make sure to choose a bail bondsman who has all necessary licensing and financing requirements in the state of California. There are many unscrupulous people out there who would take advantage of a family in crisis, defrauding the family out of their assets without providing the necessary bail in return. Make sure there are no major marks against the bail bondsman before offering them any collateral.

It might seem easier to skip the bond altogether and wait for a court date, but this is not always feasible. In places like L.A. where there are many people arrested every day, the wait time between the arrest and trial can be significant. During this time, the accused person is being held in a prison with those who have already been convicted of a crime; it is not the best environment to wait in. In addition, while being held for their court date, the accused person cannot work, care for their children, visit friends and family from out of the area, or do any of the other things people in the general public do without thinking.

The fee a bail bonds company charges in Los Angeles, CA to post bail is well worth the benefits of getting your loved one out of jail quickly. The longer someone spends in prison, the more negative effects it has on their life. Posting bail helps to reduce this time.

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