Just Arrested? Here’s How to Get Out on Bail Bond

Being arrested can be a traumatic thing—but thankfully, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be stuck in jail for the long haul. Assuming bail is offered, you can get out of jail and go be with your family as you await your scheduled court appearance.
Of course, all this presumes that you have a good Orange County bail bond company to help you and that you understand the basics of the bail process. Here’s a quick guide—the steps you should take if you find yourself arrested.

Call a Family Member

The first thing you should do is call a family member, using the jail phone, and tell them what’s happened. Ask them to contact Remedy Bail Bonds right away to get the process started. The reason for this is that processing bail can take a little time, so the sooner you begin it the better.

Give the Right Information

As you ask your loved one to find Remedy bail bonds in the area, also provide them with as much information as you can about your situation. Tell them which jail you’re being held in, for starters. Your case number will be helpful, as well as the specific charges.

Understand Premiums

A bail bondsman will cover your bail for you, but you or your loved one will need to pay a premium—usually around 10 percent of the total bail amount. Make sure your loved one asks the Orange County bail bonds company about this.

Be Aware of Whether You Get Bail at All

At some point, you’ll appear before a judge, and bail will be set—usually. Sometimes, bail is denied. This is the judge’s prerogative, but it’s unlikely to happen unless you’re a repeat offender or a flight risk. It’s probably not anything to worry about, but do be aware of it.

Pay Attention to Guidelines

Before you are released, the court may give you some instructions—for example, don’t leave the state or the country. Pay close attention, as following these guidelines is critical!
Appear in Court at the Right Time
Your bail bondsman should come through for you within the span of a couple of hours, at which point you will be free to go home to your family. Just ensure that you know exactly when you’re supposed to be back in court and that you’re not late! The consequences here can be grim.

Need Help with Bail Bonds in Orange County?

Whether you’ve been arrested or you’re trying to help a family member, knowing a reputable Orange County bail bonds company is key. Remedy Bail Bonds has deep roots in the community and a commitment to helping those in need. We’d love to talk with you about how we can help, or just to answer any questions you may have about the bail bonds process here in the OC. Remedy Bail Bonds is open all the time, so please call us when you need us.