Who Was St. Patrick? The True Story.

The story of St. Patrick’s Day begins around 385 AD. A boy named Maewyn was born in Britain to Roman parents. At age 16, the Pagan Maewyn was kidnapped, sold into slavery and taken to Ireland. While he was a slave he began to pray to God for the first time. He...

We Put People First

  We recently received a review on Yelp that really touched our hearts and served as a great reminder as to why we are in this business in the first place. You see, we don’t view each person that contacts us for Bail Bonds service as just a closed file or a...

How Can We Help YOU Today?

Let’s face it, bail bonds is not a topic on your mind until you find yourself or a loved one in a tough situation and in need of help and answers. That is exactly what we’re here for! We are very serious about our commitment to you, and that commitment is...
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COVID-19 Response

The global spread of COVID-19 is affecting every one of us.

During these challenging moments, Remedy Bail is committed to remaining open & ready to post bail for you or your loved one.

Give Us A Call - In most cases, documents can be signed remotely via Docusign.