A bail bond indemnitor is the cosigner or guarantor for the bail bond. The indemnitor is responsible for paying the bail bondsman the premium in order to get the defendant released. They also become responsible for ensuring that the defendant appears in court when they are summoned to. Bail bonds are generally good for one year. If the case were to continue for longer than a year, additional premiums would be due and collected for each year that the case goes on.
To help speed up the process of getting a bail bond, it helps if indemnitors have a stable job with proof of employment. This helps the bail bondsman agree to posting the full bail amount because there is less risk involved and it reassures them they would get paid should the defendant try to run away.
The indemnitor is released from all liability of the bail bond as soon as the defendant completes all of his or her necessary court appearances at the set dates and times.  If by some change the defendant were to skip bail and a forfeiture took place, the indemnitor would then become responsible for the entire bail amount.
If the defendant where to skip their court date and the bail bondsman decided to hire a bounty hunter, as within their rights, the indemnitor would then also become responsible for any costs associated with apprehending the defendant. If the indemnitor were to change their mind and wish to revoke the bond, then they become responsible for all costs associated with the revocation including fees for obtaining certified copies of appearance bonds necessary for the revocation as well.
No matter who the person is behind bars, a friend, family member, or loved one, if you have any doubts at all about the defendant and his or her willingness to appear in court, do not bail him out of jail!