Immigration Bonds

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Immigration bonds are quite a bit different than regular county or state bail bonds.
Immigration bail bonds generally require a higher premium. Most bail bond companies will charge between 15 percent and 20 percent of the total bail amount for an immigration bond. Like any other bail bond, this premium is non refundable. The reason for the higher rate, is immigration bonds involve a higher risk. Collateral is also almost always needed for immigration bonds. Real estate, credit cards, and cash are all usual forms of collateral.
Individuals who have been arrested on a local level and have an immigration hold will have to first deal with the county then immigration. You will first have to post bail on a local level, then the individual will be taken to the Department of Homeland Security for an immigration hold. You will then have to post a second bail to get the individual released from the immigration hold. Both of these bails will require collateral so be prepared.
Information that will be needed to post an immigration bail bond:

  • Alien Registration Number
  • Date of birth of defendant
  • Defendants Country of Origin
  • Address and phone number where the defendant will be staying once released.
  • Name of person requesting immigration bail bond
  • Amount of immigration bond

Immigration bail bonds are not extremely difficult, however people do tend to run into more problems with them. The biggest issue is usually the financial aspects of it because two separate bails are required and both bails also require collateral. The second issue is generally communication and language barriers. The person trying to post the bail usually doesn’t understand the process, which can cause bumps in the road along the way.
The best idea is to choose a bail bond company who has a specialist in immigration bonds to help you through the process. Do your research and you may even be able to find an agency with a professional who is able to eliminate any language barrier that may interfere.

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