If You’re Ever Arrested, Don’t Make These Mistakes

Jan 21, 2018 | Bail Bonds | 0 comments

Getting arrested is scary—yet it’s important to remain as level-headed as possible, and to avoid making mistakes that worsen your situation. Your actions, while you are being taken into police custody, can have a big impact on your defense, on your standing with the judge, and beyond. In this post, we’ll highlight a few of the biggest mistakes people make as they are arrested, provided by the experts at our Riverside bail bonds service.

Mistakes to Avoid When You’re Under Arrest

Incriminating Yourself

Even if you know that you are guilty of a crime, that doesn’t mean you have to admit to it, at least not before you’ve spoken with your lawyer. Remember, the Constitution gives you a right to avoid self-incrimination. Don’t lie, and don’t be malicious—just be quiet when asked any questions where the answer might incriminate you.

Trying Too Hard to Explain

Alternatively, you may be quite sure that you are innocent—but that doesn’t mean you should trip over yourself trying to explain your innocence. Save that for when you meet with an attorney, and especially when you go to trial. According to the experts at our bail bond company, it’s usually best to use your right to remain silent as you deal with the police.

Resisting Arrest

You may panic and be tempted to run away or to evade arrest. Fight this temptation! If you try to run, you may have additional crimes added to your sentence. In other words, you’ll just make things worse for yourself.

Lying to the Police

Again, it’s typically best to invoke your right to remain silent, or to simply decline to answer any questions from the arresting officers. Our bonding service company experts say that lying to the police, much like resisting arrest, will only make things worse.

Fretting About Bail

Once you go before the judge, you’ll likely have bail set; when you pay bail, you can go home to be with your family as you await trial. The problem is, you may not be able to afford bail. Don’t panic! That’s what our Riverside bail bond company is here for. Call us and we’ll help you make that payment, and get home with your family sooner rather than later.

Missing Your Court Appearance

Even if you’re innocent, you still need to show up for your court appearance—and don’t be late! Missing a court date will incur the judge’s disfavor, and it may also lead to problems with your 24-hour bail bonds company.

Get Help from Our Riverside Bail Bonds Company

Speaking of which: If you ever find yourself arrested and do need a 24-hour bail bonds company, we invite you to contact Remedy. Remedy Bail Bonds serves Riverside and beyond, and we’re passionate about helping individuals get home to their families as they await their day in court. We’re here to help, and encourage you to give us a call. Reach out to Remedy Bail Bonds any time you need us!

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