If I Have A Warrant, Do I Have To Turn Myself In Then Get Bailed Out?

If you have an existing warrant, you can easily avoid the whole process of being arrested, booked, and then released on bail. In order to do this, simple contact a bail bond agency where you can speak to a bail bondsman. The bail bondsman will then be able to make arrangements to post bail on your warrant and get you a court date without you having to be arrested.
This is much less time consuming than if you were to either turn yourself in to the police or wait until you got arrested. It allows you to skip the arrest, skip the jail time (no matter how short or long), and avoids taking time from your friends or loved ones who would have to come bail you out.
Posting bail to an existing warrant before being arrested will also save you money. It allows you to avoid extra fees that would be owed to the clerk in the jailhouse. It also prevents and work time from being missed so you wont be cutting into your paid hours.
This way of posting bail also avoids the possible embarrassment of having loved ones and neighbors seeing you arrested and taken to the jailhouse in a police car.
Once bail has been posted and you have avoided the extra time that would have been wasted on the arrest process, the rest of the case or trial will work the same way a regular bail would. You will still be required to avoid getting involved in any illegal activity as well as show up for any court appearances as you are summoned. Just like any other bail bond, if you were to miss or skip your court date, the full bail bond will still fall on whichever party signed for the bail amount.
Posting bail before your actual arrest is not a way to avoid the court system, it is simply a way to avoid unnecessary wasted time going through the arrest and booking process.