How Do San Bernardino Bail Bonds Work?

If you’re a TV news junkie, or if you enjoy watching crime shows and legal thrillers, you’ve probably heard terms like “bail” and “bail bond” used before. Do you really understand what these terms mean, though—or why they might be relevant to your life? In this post, we’re going to explain the background of the bail bond process, and also offer some details that everyone should know about bail bonds in San Bernardino.

 San Bernardino Bailbond: Some Background

Bail pertains to the criminal justice system, and it’s something you’ll need to know about if you or a loved one is ever arrested. Basically, if you are being alleged of a crime, your first stop will be jail, for booking. During this process, a mug shot will be taken and fingerprints will be recorded. The police officers will ask for a statement, and you’ll also be given an opportunity to phone a friend or an attorney. You will likely be held in jail until your day in court—unless you are released on bail.

Bail Bond in San Bernardino: The Process

Now, in some cases, you won’t have the option of posting bail. This is only if you have some type of “Hold”, such as a warrant, probation, or parole hold. Usually, the judge will set bail, which is a dollar amount that must be paid on your behalf before you can be released. Not all individuals or families will have sufficient funds to make this payment, which is where a San Bernardino bail bond company comes into play.
Basically, this involves a financial arrangement of paying the bail bond premium, in which the bail bond company posts bail for you—and arranges for you to be released from jail. Now, there are some caveats to this. One is that you’re expected to show up for your day in court—and if you don’t, the bail bond company might enlist a bounty hunter to track you down, but as long as you go to court you do not need to worry about a bounty hunter.

Hiring a San Bernardino Bail Bond Company

Something else to note: If you use a bail bond company, you typically have to put up some money on the front end yourself. In the State of California this is usually 10 percent and can be paid upfront or in payments. For most bail bond companies this money is non-refundable, even if the case is ultimately thrown out before trial.
One more thing: Not all bail bond companies are created equal, and you want to look for one that has a positive reputation in the community. For those seeking a San Bernardino bail bond company, that means Remedy Bail Bonds.
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