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If you ever find yourself arrested, it’s important to know what to do to get yourself out of jail and back home with your family as quickly as possible.
In most cases, this means making bail—something that may require the assistance of a San Bernardino bail bond company. In this post, we’re going to walk you through the process—everything you should do and say to ensure the best, quickest service from the San Bernardino bail bond company of your choice.

Bail Bonds in San Bernardino: A Quick Guide

  1. When you are arrested and booked, you will be allowed to make one phone call—this is your legal right, and you should insist upon it. You’ll likely want to call a family member or loved one, and when you do so, make sure you urge them to contact a San Bernardino bail bond company. They can find some options online, or they can simply reach out to us directly at Remedy Bail Bonds.
  2. Also let your loved one know that they will have to pay a premium before the bail bond company performs its service; always ask the bail bond company what that premium is. Usually, it’s 10 percent of the bail amount.
  3. Some bail bond companies will make you wait a few hours or even days before they get you out of jail. It’s always best to choose a company that offers 24/7 service, as Remedy Bail Bonds does, but you should still be prepared to wait until your family members can get the premium together. Some bond companies may also require lengthier application processes, including credit checks. Here at Remedy Bail Bonds, we work quickly on your behalf, to ensure you are sprung from jail immediately!
  4. When the bail bond company releases you from jail, they’ll ask you for some contact information—your name, phone number, current address, etc. Make sure you are accurate here. Never lie to your bail bond company; remember that the bondsman is your ally, and wants to help you, but that relationship is predicated on honesty.
  5. The bail bond company will stress the urgency of showing up to court at the scheduled time. Take this seriously! If you don’t show up, the bail bond company can send a bounty hunter to track you down.

Get Help with a Bail Bond in San Bernardino

The bottom line in all of this is that, when you need help getting out of jail and back home where you belong, a local bail bond company should be your first thought. At Remedy Bail Bonds, we’re passionate about helping those who’ve been arrested get out of jail. Contact us any time—and make sure your friends or loved ones know where they can reach us, should they ever need to!
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