Four Responsibilities You Have When You Co-Sign for a Bail Bond

Dec 26, 2017 | Bail Bonds | 0 comments

Should a loved one ever wind up in jail, you’ll obviously want to do everything you can to help them. In some cases, this might mean arranging and signing a bail bond. When you take this step, it makes you the indemnitor—a role that comes with a few important responsibilities.
In the heat of the moment, when all you want to do is help, you may not have time to study up on all the duties that the Indemnitor holds—which is why it’s smart to read up on it now. There are four main responsibilities to be aware of; here’s a rundown, via our Orange County-affordable bail bonds service.
What are the Responsibilities of the Indemnitor?
Ensure the defendant shows up for every court date.
When you call a fast bail bonds company and sign on the bond, it means your loved one gets to leave jail and be with family—until their next court appearance, of course. For your loved one to miss out on a court date would be highly inadvisable. As the indemnitor, part of your job is to make sure the defendant shows up to every court appearance—on time!
Pay additional fees, should the defendant miss a court date.
In some cases, you may not be able to fulfill this duty—so what happens if your friend or loved one misses out on that court appearance? Basically, you’re on the hook for some additional fees. This might include the cost of hiring a bounty hunter to find the defendant and bring him or her into the court.
Pay the entirety of the bail—if the defendant can’t be found.
The worst-case scenario is that the defendant disappears—and then what? Well, if this happens, the indemnitor is tasked with paying the full bail amount that was originally set by the court. And if you can’t pay it, you may be accountable in other ways, including surrendering some of your property. The bottom line: You really want to make sure your friend or loved one shows up for court on time!
Be responsible for the defendant in every way.
In the end, when you sign off on that bond, you’re agreeing to hold the defendant accountable—and if he or she doesn’t follow through on court appearances, you’re on the hook. What we recommend is communicating openly and honestly with your loved one and making sure they’re clear on what their responsibilities are as they await their day in court.
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