Exonerated Bail

Aug 28, 2012 | Bail Bonds | 0 comments

When a defendant is temporarily released from jail while waiting for their set court date, it is often done with a bail bond. The bail bondsman guarantees the court the full bail amount should the defendant not show up or decided to flee the area. When the individual on trial appears in court, the bail bond is then “exonerated” or released.
After a bail bond is exonerated, the bail amount is returned minus the fees that are owed to both the court and the bail bondsman. Bail bonds given by Remedy Bail Bond only require a 10% premium. When the bail bond is exonerated, the premium will be returned to you minus fees. The rest of the bail amount will be returned to the bail bondsman who supplied to money to post bail in the first place.
Bailbonds are exonerated acting as a “reward” for the defendant showing up in court at the scheduled day and time. The higher the bail amount set, the higher the incentive for the friends or family who posted the bail to get the individual to show up and avoid “skipping bail”.
Something to keep in mind with an exonerated bail bond, it has no affect on the case verdict. Both acquitted and convicted individuals can have their bail bonds get exonerated.
Bail does not get returned immediately following the exoneration and the time frame will vary from state to state. Review the paperwork provided by the bail bondsman at the time you are posting bail to determine how long after the exoneration to get your bail back.

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