Don’t Pay Too Much in Bail Bonds!

Aug 21, 2018 | Bail Bonds | 0 comments

When you’re arrested, bail bonds can sometimes be the only option you have for getting out of jail and back home with your family. Indeed, bond companies exist to provide an affordable option for making bail—but even so, some people wind up paying a little more than they should.
At Remedy Bail Bonds—a leading Riverside bail bonds service—we maintain a reputation for true integrity, and part of that comes down to our fair, transparent pricing. We’re always happy to talk with you about the cost of bail bonds, as well as the various financing options we provide.
We also encourage you to know what does and does not constitute a good price for bail bonds. In this blog post, we’ll offer a few general tips and guidelines.
How Much Should You Pay Your Bail Bond Company?
The amount of your bail is determined by the judge; the bail bond company has nothing to do with that. In some cases, bail is extremely expensive; in other cases, you don’t have to pay any bail at all, and can be released on your honor. Most of the time, you’ll find yourself somewhere between these two extremes, faced with the need to pay a modest bail amount.
If you don’t have the cash for this, a bonding service company will help you out—though you will still need to pay a premium. The industry standard is about 10 percent of the total bail amount—so, if bail is set at $10,000, you’d need to pay your bonding service company $1,000.
This isn’t set in stone, and in some cases the amount may be a little less than 10 percent. If you’re asked to pay a higher amount, though, be wary; you may be dealing with a disreputable bail bond company.
How Can You Save Money on Bail Bonds?
To make sure you’re paying a fair price, we recommend these additional tips:

  • Make sure you choose a reputable bonding service company with a stalwart reputation in the community. Read reviews and testimonials. And, again, be wary of companies that ask for more than 10 percent.
  • Always ask about any hidden fees, just to make sure your bondsman is being straight with you.
  • Also avoid going with a cheap or disreputable company. Paying a premium of just three percent may sound nice, but it probably means the company you’re dealing with is disreputable or inexperienced.
  • If you can’t afford the 10 percent premium, ask about financing options. Remedy Bail Bonds is always happy to provide flexible solutions.

The bottom line? Bail bonds are supposed to make it easy and affordable for you to get out of jail. That’s something we take seriously at Remedy, and it’s why we are known as a top Riverside bail bonds company.
If you have any more questions about 24-hour bail bonds, reach out to us directly. We are always available to help in whatever ways we can!

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