Do You Know Your Options?

remedy bail bonds


In the unfortunate circumstance that somebody you love is arrested and goes to jail you have a few options:
  • You can go directly to the Jail and pay the full bail amount as set by the judge. The Bail amount is typically determined by the Bail Schedule though the judge has final authority based on the specifics of the case and defendant.


  • You can hire a Bail Bonds Company and pay only a small percentage of the full bail amount. (that percentage is 10% as per California Law). For example if the bail amount was $5,000, instead of going directly to the jail and paying that full amount you could bring your loved one home for only $500 by working with a licensed Bail Agent.


  • You can leave them in Jail until their court process is completed. This can take several months and even years in some cases. You can imagine the avalanche of negative consequences this has; loss of employment/income, separation of family and all the extra stress and then there’s the court process itself…
remedy bail bonds

So why post Bail?


Posting Bail allows your loved one to be free (not in custody) on their court date. There is no disruption in their daily routine and they can return to work. They can properly prepare for the court dates . If no bail is posted, your loved one will appear on the court set court dates in county issued clothing/jumpsuit and handcuffs. Many times this will convey to the judge and jury that your loved one is already guilty or acclimated to the prison system greatly impacting their chances of a successful outcome.
When your loved one is out on bail they can be equipped  and well represented at the court dates, wearing their own appropriate attire and therefore minimizing any undue bias.
At Remedy Bail Bonds we make it easy to post bail. We understand that the unexpected stress and financial burden can be difficult. This is why we are committed to working with each individual family to find the best possible scenario. We often post bail with No collateral and easy payment plans. We will work with you so give us a call today and bring your loved one home!

In any situation it’s best to know all of your options. All of our agents are licensed and bonded by the California Department of Insurance. They are trained to walk you step by step through the bail process..
Agents are standing by 24/7/365