Within a 2 years span, suspects who had been released on bail have committed more than 20,000 crimes. Some of these thousands of crimes include robberies, murders, and rapes. The extremely high number of crimes committed leads to major concerns that far too many suspects are being released on bail when they shouldn’t be. Other offenses committed by individuals out on bail include eight different murders as well as dozens of attempted killings, rapes and kidnappings all of which were committed by suspects who are out on bail awaiting trial or further questioning.
Between 2008 and 2009, there was a total of 3,226 crimes committed by individuals who were on police bail while another 19,059 offenses were committed by people on court bail. The most common crimes that were committed were criminal damages and assault on police officers. That number of crimes equates to well over 30 individual offenses each day.
Unfortunately, though the statistics show the crimes that were committed while on bail, they do not show what the suspect was originally bailed out of jail for. It is very possible that the original offenses committed could have been very minor.
Over the past five years, the first time break down the offences committed by suspects out on bail, reveal a catalogue of serious criminals assaults, rapes and threats including:

  • 88 threats for murder
  • 26 cases of rape
  • 8 defilements of children under the age of 17

Other crimes involved 25,000 overall thefts incorporating 3,319 car thefts, 5,655 burglaries of homes and 7,959 thefts from stores and shops, while 134 individuals on bail are facing charges on the terrifying crime of aggravated burglary.
One quarter of all crimes that were committed in 2007 were committed by individuals who were out on bail. This is one of the primary reasons why people no longer feel safe on the streets.

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