How Do Judges Determine the Bail Amount?

If you are arrested, you will generally have the option of paying bail and getting out of jail, returning home until the date of your trial. (There are exceptions when bail is not granted, though this is usually reserved for violent crimes or suspects perceived to be...

5 Things to Know About Orange County Bail Bonds

For many of us, it’s a nightmare scenario—being arrested on suspicion of a crime, taken to jail, booked, and sent to a cell. The good news is that there’s a way to get out of jail and make it back home to your family as you await trial—and it’s called bail. The bad...

Los Angeles Rams Running Back Tasered and Arrested

Los Angeles Rams running back Tre Mason was subdued with a taser and arrested Saturday night in Hollywood, Florida, according to a Broward County Clerk of Courts police report. The Hollywood Police Department arrested Mason on suspicion of possession of marijuana,...
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