Central Detention Center (CDC)

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630 East Rialto Avenue
San Bernardino, California 92415


For CDC Inmate and Visiting Information Call: (909) 890-0395

Originally opened in 1971, Central Detention Center (CDC) served as the main county jail for 20 years. Overcrowding issues in the 1980s resulted in the county building West Valley Detention Center in 1991. Central Jail (as it was known then) closed for a few years due to budgetary constraints. It reopened in 1994 when the San Bernardino Sheriff negotiated a contract with the U.S. Marshal’s Service to house federal prisoners.

For the past 10 years CDC has been the primary booking facility for the police and sheriff stations operating in the East Valley area. During that time CDC has housed up to 850 federal inmates daily. Currently CDC houses around 330 federal inmates and around 600 county inmates. CDC booked over 20,000 inmates during the past 12 months.

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*Information Courtesy of San Bernardino County Sheriff
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