Celebrity Bail Amounts

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Just like you and I, sometimes celebrities find themselves in a rough situation they did not plan or prepare for being arrested and taken to jail. You may think to yourself… Why would somebody who is rich and famous need to use a Bail Bondsman? The better questions is… Why wouldn’t they use the services of a Bail Bondsman? With high bail amounts set by the court it is simply common sense to utilize a reputable Bail Bonds company like Remedy Bail Bonds and pay only 10% of that Bail Amount. For example if the bail amount was $50,000 set by the court, the defendant would only need to pay the Bail Bonds Company $5,000.

Here’s a few celebrities that got into trouble and their bail amounts:

Justin Bieber – singer DUI drag racing – $2,500
Lindsay Lohan – actress/singer  DUI / theft – $300,000 / $75,000
O.J. Simpson – football player/actor  robbery – $250,000
Katt Williams – comedian  burglary – $40,000
Nicholas Cage – actor domestic violence and public drunkenness – $11,000
Randy Quaid – actor  fraud and burglary – $100,000
Ryan ONeal – actor  assault – $50,000
Sean Avery -NY Rangers NHL  pushed a police officer – $20,000
Adrian Pasdar – actor  DUI / driving 94mph – $15,000
Jaime Pressly – actress  DUI – $15,000
Whether you are a Hollywood super star or an average joe, Remedy Bail Bonds is here for you when you need us.

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