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Our blog provides insightful articles and updates on various aspects of the bail process in California. It covers topics ranging from the early release of inmates and legislative changes affecting bail, to practical advice on selecting a reliable bail bonds company. This blog aims to inform and guide readers through the complexities of the bail system, offering valuable information for those seeking assistance in this area.

What Slows Down the Bail Bond Process?

When you have a loved one who’s in jail, you obviously want to see them get out as quickly as possible. The bail bond process makes this possible, yet even bail bonds can sometimes have their hold-ups. You may become frustrated when your bail bondsman doesn’t get your loved one out of jail quite as expediently as you might like. In truth, there are a few different things that can hold up the bail bond process—and while not all of them are within your control, a few of them are. Here’s a quick rundown from Remedy’s Orange County bail bonds professionals. What Causes the Bail Bond Process to Stall? Not Calling the Fast Bail Bonds Company Soon Enough We’ll start with something that is in your control. If you’re trying to get a bail bond for your loved one, it’s best to get the wheels in motion as quickly as possible. The simple reality is that it can take a few hours to get the necessary paperwork processed. Your bail bonds company will work as expediently as they can, but it really comes down to how busy things are at the jail. As such, it’s best to start the process sooner rather than later, allowing your bail bondsman to get to work right away. Not Providing Enough Information  Something else that can cause the process to slow down: Calling your Orange County-affordable bail bonds company, but not having all the necessary information. If this happens, then your bondsman may have to spend some time digging, figuring out exactly what’s going on—and that can lengthen the process. To be clear, these are the pieces of information you’ll need to provide your bail bondsman: The name of your friend/loved one The date of birth or age of your friend/loved one The county […]

Tips for Using a San Bernardino Bondsman

If you or a loved one are arrested, you may need to work with a local San Bernardino bondsman to get out of jail and get home with your family. If you’ve never worked with a bondsman, though, this process may seem a little daunting. Here are our tips for making the bail bonds process as smooth and as streamlined as can be. Working with a Bail Bondsman Know how much you need. Before you call an affordable local bondsman, make sure you know the amount at which your bail has been set. The judge will set your bail amount based on the severity of the crime, and also your criminal history. It’s good to know the exact number before you reach out to a bail bonds agent. Figure out how much the bail bondsman will charge you. Always make sure you ask the bail bonds agent to tell you how much you’ll need to pay. In most cases, it will be no more than 10 percent of the total bail amount. If you’re quoted something higher than this, you may wish to call around to a different bail bond company. Avoid dirt-cheap bail bonds. You obviously want to find a good deal, but if you come across a bail bondsman who quotes you three to five percent of the total bail amount, well, there may be a reason for that. You don’t want to end up with a bondsman who is inexperienced or disreputable. Have all the details. Your bail bond agent will obviously want to know the bail amount, but also be prepared to give the charges you’re being held on, as well as the name of the jail where you’re being held. All of this info can help expedite the bail bonds process. Show up for court […]

Don’t Pay Too Much in Bail Bonds!

When you’re arrested, bail bonds can sometimes be the only option you have for getting out of jail and back home with your family. Indeed, bond companies exist to provide an affordable option for making bail—but even so, some people wind up paying a little more than they should. At Remedy Bail Bonds—a leading Riverside bail bonds service—we maintain a reputation for true integrity, and part of that comes down to our fair, transparent pricing. We’re always happy to talk with you about the cost of bail bonds, as well as the various financing options we provide. We also encourage you to know what does and does not constitute a good price for bail bonds. In this blog post, we’ll offer a few general tips and guidelines. How Much Should You Pay Your Bail Bond Company? The amount of your bail is determined by the judge; the bail bond company has nothing to do with that. In some cases, bail is extremely expensive; in other cases, you don’t have to pay any bail at all, and can be released on your honor. Most of the time, you’ll find yourself somewhere between these two extremes, faced with the need to pay a modest bail amount. If you don’t have the cash for this, a bonding service company will help you out—though you will still need to pay a premium. The industry standard is about 10 percent of the total bail amount—so, if bail is set at $10,000, you’d need to pay your bonding service company $1,000. This isn’t set in stone, and in some cases the amount may be a little less than 10 percent. If you’re asked to pay a higher amount, though, be wary; you may be dealing with a disreputable bail bond company. How Can You Save Money […]

Find a Fast Bail Bonds Company You Can Trust

When seeking out an Orange County fast bail bonds company, it’s important to find someone you can trust. You obviously want someone with the expertise and the local connections to get your loved one out of jail as quickly as possible. You also want someone who will charge a fair price, without any hidden fees or unwelcome surprises. So what kind of due diligence can you perform to make sure the OC bail bonds company you select is credible and trustworthy? Here are a few tips that come recommended by the Remedy Bail Bonds team. Finding a Trustworthy Orange County Bail Bonds Company Ask the people you know. First things first: Personal recommendations can always go a long way. If you know someone who worked with a bail bonds company and had a good experience, find out from them what the company was called. A personal connection can really help you feel confident in your choice. Read reviews. Social proof is also persuasive. Google some reviews and see what other people are saying about the Orange County bail bonds company in question. A good online reputation generally bodes well. Ask questions. Never hesitate to simply call a bail bonds company and ask them some questions; at Remedy Bail Bonds, we are always happy to advise in whatever way we can! Make sure the company you call seems forthcoming and helpful. Trust your gut: If you don’t like the way they treat you, don’t hesitate to move on. Consider the price. One thing you should always ask your bail bondsman is how much it’s going to run you. The rule of thumb is that the bail bond should cost roughly 10 percent of the total bail amount. If you’re quoted something more expensive than that, it may be a sign that […]

Top 5 Reasons to Work with a San Bernardino Bondsman

When a loved one is arrested, you naturally want to do everything within your power to get them released—at least until they have to stand trial. Getting someone out of jail isn’t always easy, though—and in many situations, it’s only possible through the intervention of a qualified bail bondsman. In fact, there are a number of benefits to working with a bail bond agent. Here are five of the biggest ones. The Benefits of Working with an Affordable Local Bondman Bail bond companies are open around the clock. A loved one’s arrest could happen at almost any hour, including in the dead of the night—and when that happens, you might feel especially helpless. Who are you supposed to call during the wee small hours of the morning? Who’s around to offer you support and assistance? The short answer: A qualified San Bernardino bondsman. Remedy Bail Bonds, for example, is open around the clock, and always ready to help. Bail bonds are 90 percent cheaper than the bail itself. One of the main reasons to seek help from an affordable local bondsman is that bail can be costly. You may not have the cash on hand to meet the specified amount. When you work with a local bail bond agent, though, you don’t have to pay the full amount. You just pay a portion of it—typically 10 percent. San Bernardino bail bond companies will offer flexible financing options, too But what if that 10 percent payment is still more than you can afford? Don’t worry: Many bail bond agencies will offer you financing options, allowing you to get your loved one out of jail without breaking the bank. We ae proud to offer our clients a range of financing options here at Remedy Bail Bonds. Bail bondsmen are seasoned professionals. Everything […]

5 Things to Ask Your Riverside Bail Bonds Service

If you have a friend or loved one who has been arrested, it’s important to contact a local bail bondsman right away. Be warned, however, that not all bail bond companies are created equal. As you speak to a potential bail bondsman, it’s important to ask plenty of questions to ensure the company is reputable, and to make certain that you know what you’re getting into. Here are five things you should always discuss before selecting a Riverside bail bonds service. 5 Things to Discuss with Your Bail Bonding Company Fees You have every right to know how much a bail bonding service is going to cost you. The industry standard is about 10 percent of the total bail amount. If the bail bondsman you speak with quotes you a figure that’s much higher than that, you may wish to move on and look for a different company. Timeline When a loved one is in jail, you obviously want to do everything in your power to get them out ASAP. Don’t hesitate to ask your Riverside bail bond company about the timeline; they should be able to walk you through the process and give you a general estimate. With that said, a lot of it comes down to how busy things are at the police station, so your bail bondsman won’t be able to give you an exact time. Testimonials and Referrals You should always seek a 24-hour bail bonds service that has a stalwart reputation in the community. To that end, don’t hesitate to ask for testimonials or references from past clients. Be skeptical of a company that seems hesitant to provide you with these votes of confidence. Financing Options In some cases, you may not be able to afford the cost of a bail bond service—even if it’s […]

What Happens if You Jump Bail?

When you’re bailed out of jail, it’s always with the understanding that you’ll show up at the scheduled time for your court appearance, so that the criminal justice process may continue unabated. But what happens if you don’t show up? What happens if you get out of jail on a bail bond, and then simply disappear? Forfeiting Your Orange County Bail Bonds This is what’s commonly known as jumping bail or skipping bail. Under both local and federal laws, it’s a crime unto itself, and comes with some potentially harsh consequences. Some of these consequences for jumping bail might include: Forfeiting your bail bond (however much you paid to get yourself out of jail); Continuing to face whatever criminal charges are pending; and Facing additional criminal charges for bail jumping. Also note that these consequences can spread to your loved ones, as well. For example, if a friend or family member paid for your fast bail bonds, then it’s their money and/or collateral that’s forfeit. What Qualifies as Bail Jumping? Generally speaking, bail jumping is defined as any defendant failing to show up at the scheduled time for their court appearance, thereby forfeiting their bail, and then failing to surrender to the court within a certain timespan. That timespan can vary from state to state, but the standard is 30 days after the bond forfeiture. All of this just goes to show that, if you’re out on bail and have a scheduled court date, it’s imperative that you make that court date. The question is, are there ever any good excuses not to show up for court on time? Excuses for Bail Jumping? First of all, note that your innocence for the pending criminal charges is not a reason to bail jump. Again, bail jumping is its own, separate offense, […]

10 Bail Bond Terms Everyone Should Know

If you’ve never been arrested before, and thus never had the need to pursue a bail bond, then you may be a little fuzzy on some of the terminology. Not to worry. Here are a few must-know definitions, from our resident San Bernardino bail bondsman. Keep this list handy, should you ever need to navigate the bail bond process on your own behalf or on behalf of a loved one. Key Terms from Our Bail Bondsman The essential terms from our bail bond agent include: Bail refers to the amount of money that an individual must be paid in order to get out of jail and await his or her court date from home. Bail is set by the court, and is based on the severity of the allegations and the criminal history of the accused. When we talk about a bail bond, we’re talking about a written agreement between the accused and a bail bondsman, in which the bondsman pays the full bail amount. The accused is usually left to pay just 10 percent or so. A bail bondsman, or bail bond agent, is the person you call to pay your bail and get you out of jail quickly, should you be unable to afford the full bail on your own. Sometimes, the accused will be asked to provide physical property or assets to the San Bernardino bail agent; this serves as a guarantee that the bondsman will be properly paid. Anyone who is accused of a crime is called a defendant; this is not a pronouncement of innocence or guilt—just an indication that allegations have been lodged. Felonies are major criminal offenses—and if the crime you’re accused of is classified as a felony, it usually means the bail will be set for a higher dollar amount. Should the […]

How Much Does It Cost to Get Out of Jail?

When you’re arrested, all you can think about is getting out of jail and getting home—and most of the time, this is possible. It’s simply a matter of paying bail. There are times when bail isn’t an option, but those instances are fairly rare. The question is, how much will bail actually cost you? And, a related question: What can you do if bail is unaffordable? In this post, we’ll offer answers to both questions, straight from the experts at our Orange County affordable bail bonds company, Remedy Bail Bonds. How Much is Bail? First, there’s the question of how much bail is set for—and unfortunately, there is no easy answer here. The courts will set bail depending on the nature and severity of your crime, as well as the extent of your criminal history. The bail amount could be a couple of thousand dollars, or it could be tens of thousands of dollars. For most simple and first-time offenses, it will be much closer to the bottom end of that scale. Once bail has been set by the judge, you have the option of simply paying it out of pocket and being released until your first scheduled court appearance. However, what if you simply don’t have that kind of money lying around? How Much Will a Fast Bail Bonds Company Charge? That’s when it’s wise to call an Orange County bail bonds company, which can put up the money you need to make bail. The whole purpose of a fast bail bonds company is to make bail accessible to everyone, so make sure you take advantage of this important local resource. When you work with a bail bond company, you do need to pay a small amount of the bail yourself—consider it a kind of down payment, or premium. […]

7 Things to Know About Bailing Your Loved One Out of Jail

When a close friend or family member is arrested, you naturally want to do anything in your power to get them out. Often, this means reaching out to a local Riverside bail bonds service, which can help you ensure that your loved one is released as promptly as possible. Before you call the bail bond company, though, here are a few basic points you should know. What to Know About Working with a Bonding Service Company Get Help from a 24-Hour Bail Bonds Company There’s almost always a good option for getting your loved one out of jail—so don’t delay. If you need the help of a Riverside bail bonds company, contact Remedy today. We’re around 24/7 to help you in any way that we can. Call us whenever you need us.