Bail Bonds on a BudgetHere at Remedy Bail Bonds we understand that bailing out a loved one can bring an unexpected financial strain on a family. Nobody plans to be arrested and so it is almost always an unwelcomed expense. However, It is even more important to consider the greater financial pressures of having that person remain in jail where they are unable to produce income for the family.
What If We Don’t Have The Money Now?
Something  that separates Remedy Bail Bonds from the other bail companies is our willingness and capability to set up easy, affordable and interest free payments. ​Our licensed agents will evaluate your financial situation and set up a manageable payment plan for your unique situation. If the main provider of your family is in custody, we will meet with them and work out an easy payment arrangement and determine if they qualify  for a zero money down payment plan. We also offer both NO COLLATERAL and COLLATERAL ONLY plans.
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How Much Does A Bail Bond Cost?
The standard premium for all bail bonds (as required by California law)  is 10% of the total bail amount. For example, if a bail amount was set at $10,000, the standard rate that would apply for that bond would be $1,000,. This would be the total amount that the client is responsible for.
At Remedy Bail Bonds we are able to offer  8% premium for clients that meet certain requirements. Feel free to contact one of our agents for further information.

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