Bail Bond Tips: Get Your Relative Out of Jail in Riverside, CA

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It’s never fun to receive a phone call from a relative telling you that they have been imprisoned. Of course you want to help them, and the first step toward doing that is helping them get out of jail—and that means paying their bail. This isn’t always as simple or as easy as you might hope, especially not when the bail is set at an astronomically high number.
So what can you do in that situation? According to the experts at Remedy Bail Bonds, a leading Riverside bail bonds company, there are a few things you can keep in mind as you try to get your loved one out of jail.

Cash Bonds vs. Riverside Bail Bond

Though you will likely need to find a bail bond company to help you, it’s always smart to ask about cash bonds first. If a cash-only bail bond is set, that means the inmate has to pay the full amount in cash, and actually can’t use a bail bonds company. This is not too common, but if that’s the bond term that was set for your loved one, finding a Riverside bail bond company sadly won’t have much impact.

Use a Riverside Bail Bond Agent

Assuming the bail hasn’t been set as a cash bond only, your next step might be finding a Riverside bail bond company to help post the bail bond. Choosing a company like Remedy Bail Bonds will ensure that the bail is paid promptly and that your loved one is released ASAP. Of course, you should always ask your bail bond company about their fee—though usually, it will be somewhere around 8-10 percent of the total bail amount.

Appealing to the Judge

You can also communicate to your loved one that they can appeal to the judge for a lower bail—and sometimes, the judge will be agreeable to this. This request can be made during the initial bail hearing itself, or perhaps during the first appearance in court, which is known as arraignment. If you’re not sure of the best time to make this request, consult your attorney or a bail bond company in Riverside.
Something else that can happen is that a judge might agree to let the inmate be released on their own recognizance—which basically means there is no bail, but the inmate must sign a note promising to show up again in court on the agreed upon time. Assuming the person in question is not a flight risk, this can definitely be an option, though it really depends on the judge.

Find a Bail Bond in Riverside

More often than not, making bail means working with a bail bond company—so if you want to help your loved one, we invite you to contact us today to talk more about how we can assist. You can reach out to Remedy Bail Bonds here:
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