5 Things to Know About Orange County Bail Bonds

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For many of us, it’s a nightmare scenario—being arrested on suspicion of a crime, taken to jail, booked, and sent to a cell. The good news is that there’s a way to get out of jail and make it back home to your family as you await trial—and it’s called bail. The bad news is that many individuals don’t know how bail works—because frankly, they don’t think they need to.
As one of the top Orange County bail bonds companies, Remedy Bail Bonds strives to inform community members about how bail works, and how they can ensure their rights are being upheld. Our belief is that all people are innocent until proven guilty—and as you await trial, you should be able to make it back home to your loved ones.
In this post, we’re going to list just a few basic tips about the bail process—some things you might not know, but should!

Understanding Bail Bonds in Orange County

You’re Not Required to Post Bail

First, understand that bail is a Constitutional provision, and it’s something you have every right to take advantage of—but you also have the right not to. If you’d rather stay in jail than post bail, you certainly can—but with bail bond companies around to help you make the payment, there’s really no reason for this.

You Can Appeal Bail

If you believe that your bail has been set too high, you can always ask your attorney about appealing it. This is not a guarantee, of course, but it’s something you should know about. Sometimes, judges will hear your plea and lower the bail accordingly.
You Have the Right to Any Bail Bond Company
Nobody can force you into selecting a particular bail bond company, and nobody should be soliciting bail bond services in jail. You can always call a company like Remedy Bail Bonds to receive the help you need.
You May Not Need to Post Bail at All
Depending on the nature of the allegations, as well as your own legal history, a judge may very well decide to release you without any bail whatsoever.
You’re Always Required to Show Up in Court
Even if you do post bail and go home, it’s vital that you make it back on your court date—and don’t be late! Failure to show up will not only cause you to lose favor with the judge, but it will also mean your bail bond company has the right to send a bounty hunter after you—or even to sue you.
Get a Bail Bond in Orange County
As you look for bail bonds in Orange County, make sure you consider Remedy Bail Bonds. We’re a highly visible and esteemed business within the local community, and our only mission is to provide a meaningful service to individuals and their families. To learn more, reach out to us here:
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