10 Bail Bond Terms Everyone Should Know

If you’ve never been arrested before, and thus never had the need to pursue a bail bond, then you may be a little fuzzy on some of the terminology. Not to worry. Here are a few must-know definitions, from our resident San Bernardino bail bondsman. Keep this list handy, should you ever need to navigate the bail bond process on your own behalf or on behalf of a loved one.

Key Terms from Our Bail Bondsman

The essential terms from our bail bond agent include:

  1. Bail refers to the amount of money that an individual must be paid in order to get out of jail and await his or her court date from home. Bail is set by the court, and is based on the severity of the allegations and the criminal history of the accused.
  2. When we talk about a bail bond, we’re talking about a written agreement between the accused and a bail bondsman, in which the bondsman pays the full bail amount. The accused is usually left to pay just 10 percent or so.
  3. A bail bondsman, or bail bond agent, is the person you call to pay your bail and get you out of jail quickly, should you be unable to afford the full bail on your own.
  4. Sometimes, the accused will be asked to provide physical property or assets to the San Bernardino bail agent; this serves as a guarantee that the bondsman will be properly paid.
  5. Anyone who is accused of a crime is called a defendant; this is not a pronouncement of innocence or guilt—just an indication that allegations have been lodged.
  6. Felonies are major criminal offenses—and if the crime you’re accused of is classified as a felony, it usually means the bail will be set for a higher dollar amount.
  7. Should the defendant fail to make it to court for a scheduled appearance, he or she will forfeit their bond payment/collateral.
  8. The indemnitor is anyone who co-signs on the defendant’s bail bond, pledging to pay a fixed amount should the defendant fail to make it for their court appearance.
  9. This is a criminal offense that carries less weight and severity than a felony; if you’re accused of a misdemeanor, you may be punished with nothing more than a small fine or community service.
  10. This term references anyone who takes responsibility for a defendant appearing in court. This includes the bail bondsman.

Get Help from an Affordable Local Bondsman

With this terminology, you should have some good, foundational knowledge of the bail bond process. If you need further help understanding how bonds work, each out to Remedy Bail Bonds. We are proud to be a top, affordable local bondsman, and we’re known for our friendly and helpful customer service. For help understanding how bail bonds work in San Bernardino, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Remedy Bail Bonds team.