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Serving Orange County 515 W Commonwealth Ave #104 Fullerton, CA 92832   (714) 775-2400 Remedy Bail Bonds is a family oriented company that strives on family values. Our family has been in the bail bond business since 1967 serving Orange County. All our agents are licensed bail bond agents with [...]

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Bail Bonds on a Budget
Here at Remedy Bail Bonds we understand that bailing out a loved one can bring an unexpected financial strain on a family. Nobody plans to be arrested and so it is almost always an unwelcomed expense. However, It is even more important to consider the greater financial pressures of having that person remain [...]

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  Just like you and I, sometimes celebrities find themselves in a rough situation they did not plan or prepare for being arrested and taken to jail. You may think to yourself… Why would somebody who is rich and famous need to use a Bail Bondsman? The better questions is… [...]

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In the unfortunate circumstance that somebody you love is arrested and goes to jail you have a few options: 1) You can go directly to the Jail and pay the full bail amount as set by the judge. The Bail amount is typically determined by the Bail Schedule though the judge has final [...]

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550 N. Flower St. Santa Ana, CA 92702   For Instant OC Jail Inmate & Bail Info Call: (714) 775-2400 The Intake Release Center (IRC) is one of three facilities in the Sheriff’s Department Central Jail Complex (CJX) located in Santa Ana. The IRC is the entry point for all [...]

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Getting arrested for a crime is never something that anybody writes into their schedule. It is not something a person plans to do and can often happen in the middle of the night or outside typical “business hours”. For most people, staying in jail is a very bad idea. It often [...]

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