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The bail bond process is one of those things that you never really think about it until you truly need it. Most of us go through our lives never giving much thought as to how bail bonds work, but if you find that a loved one has been arrested and [...]

10 Things to Know About Riverside Bail Bonds

Being arrested can be a traumatic thing—but thankfully, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to be stuck in jail for the long haul. Assuming bail is offered, you can get out of jail and go be with your family as you await your scheduled court appearance. Of course, all this [...]

Just Arrested? Here’s How to Get Out on Bail Bond

Remedy Bail Bonds is Coming to Hangar 24 AirFest!
  The Hangar 24 AirFest is one of the most celebrated, most looked-forward-to annual events in the San Bernardino area. It promises participants a full day of live music, phenomenal aerial stunts, a generous children’s area, and of course plenty of food and locally brewed beers. On top of all [...]

Remedy Bail Bonds is Coming to Hangar 24 AirFest!

NO-INTEREST BAIL FINANCING For many families, the standard 10% of the bail amount presents a financial challenge. Some clients either don’t have a credit card or a large enough credit line to pay the bail bond fee.  Remedy Bail Bonds offers payment plan options to clients, with zero interest on bail [...]