Most people are familiar with the idea of bail and how it works, but there is more to bail than meets the eye. There is very important reason that it exists and it has to do with how the justice system works. The US has a justice system that allows people certain rights. [...]

Why is Bail Allowed/Legal?

1. Paris Hilton Handout/Handout / Los Angeles Police Department When: June 4th, 2007 Where: Los Angeles, California 2. Keifer Sutherland Handout/Handout / Glendale Police Dep When: December 5th, 2007 Where: Glendale, California 3. Mischa Barton Handout/Handout / Los Angeles Police Department When: December 27th, 2007 Where: Los Angeles, California 4. Jeffrey Donovan Handout/Handout / Miami Beach Police Department When: July 21st, [...]

30 Celebrities Arrested For DUI

Remedy Bail Bonds is ‘SO DINO” we provide Bail Bonds Services for all jails in San Bernardino County including: *West Valley Detention Center *Central Detention Center (CDC) *Glen Helen Rehabilitation Center *Adelanto Detention Center To instantly track inmates in any of these facilities simply complete the INMATE LOCATOR form to [...]

I’m So Dino…

Are you on Google+? So is Remedy Bail Bonds!             Check out the different Google+ pages we have for our offices throughout Southern California. Orange County Riverside San Bernardino San Diego   Have we helped you or your loved one in [...]

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Here at Remedy Bail Bonds we understand that bailing out a loved one can bring an unexpected financial strain on a family. Nobody plans to be arrested and so it is almost always an unwelcomed expense. However, It is even more important to consider the greater financial pressures of having that person remain [...]

Bail Out On A Budget?

Getting arrested for a crime is never something that anybody writes into their schedule. It is not something a person plans to do and can often happen in the middle of the night or outside typical “business hours”. For most people, staying in jail is a very bad idea. It often [...]

What’s The Best Time of Day to Call A Bail ...

If you or a loved one is arrested in Southern California it is important that you know your rights. Remedy Bail Bonds is committed to helping families in San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange County, Los Angeles and San Diego understand the various options available to them. Knowledge is power and we [...]

What is a Cruz Waiver (Cruise Waiver)?